Wednesday November 16


It was a rainy day today.  Take the day off from decorating?  Nope.  Got the mini trees down, checked and wired.  Made a wiring harness for the mini trees.  Eliminated more than a dozen extension cords using spt1 wire and vampire plugs. 
Here’s a shot of the trees from the top of the stairs.

Tuesday November 15

Today the driveway arches got strung and wired.  Wired the mini arches and strung the left trees (wired also).  All window frames are up now as well. 

Took care of about a dozen bags of leaves.  Calling for rain tomorrow so will have to work on sequencing and putting together super strings (red, green, blue and white). 

Light wall


New this year.  We have in the past wrapped these trees with net lights and Mega strings (red, green and white).  Since converting the Mega tree to LEDs this year, we had to figure out what to do with the mega tree lights from last year.  Hopefully this will create a nice effect.

Monday November 14

On the schedule today, get all the controllers out and connected.  Will have to lay the yard arches out to get it done.  Also want to get the winch setup on the Mega tree, might try to figure out where the bottom hoop will sit. 

Want to post some pics of the progress up to now as well.
Did all that I set out to do today, including some pictures!

Sunday November 13

Today, Danny came out to get the big stuff my getting older body can’t do alone.  Got the roof lights, most of the window lights up.  The new megatree went up with considerable effort (on Danny’s part).  We were all surprised at how tall it is.  Can’t see the star from inside the house.
We also got the driveway arches up.  Bought the wrong pvc for the job (needs 3/4).  All in all a productive day

New Show Computer

Since updating to the new Light-O-Rama software, we could no longer use the computer we have used for the past 5 years to run the show as the operating system was no longer supported.  A friend from work provided us with an old system that looks like it will work just fine!  Setup the computer tonight, will test it over the weekend.