Interact with the Display!

This year we have added an incredibly cool feature enabling you to see real time information on the display and even vote for songs allowing you to change the order many songs play.  Vote for your favorite, or see a song that isn’t in the normal song rotation.  Follow this link on your smart phone to see it in action!

5 thoughts on “Interact with the Display!

  1. I always see the light show (of other houses) on youtube, and I am excited that there is one close to me. I will be driving by. From the videos, it looks awesome. Keep up the good work. Running across this really put me in the holiday spirit.

  2. Could you please contact me through email I’m very interested in learning how to use rgb lighting for next year! My home is also on the tacky light tour at 14309 long hill rd in Brandermill and I really enjoy your display!

  3. We came in to visit family from out of state. My niece fou d your house and we stayed for 20 minutes watching!! It was amazing!! We will definitely come back next year when we visit!! Thank you so much for the great display!!

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