2014 Early Work

Most of the new items for this year have been received and work has begun on the preparation of all the new elements.  Computer work on the lighting sequencing is well underway and somewhat on schedule (it never really is ON schedule).  Keep stopping by to see what progress we have made!

2014 Planning

Most of this year’s additions have been ordered, the clipboard editing is well underway.  Hope to have the clipboard and spreadsheets complete this labor day weekend so I can get going on the sequencing.  A lot of work to do and a short time to get it all done!

Done on Tuesday

Had to rewire a couple of controllers because they no longer require more than 15 amps total.  The display will now draw less than 50 amps, where before LEDs, we were nearly at 100 amps.  Got all the controllers hooked up to the network and powered up.  Confirmed they’re all visible.  Hooked up the mini arches (had a few strings with problems), and built up RGB mini tree number 7 (2 more to go).