Exciting Changes to this years display!

Click the pic to see it move!

New to the display this year will be an RGB mini mega tree!  This tree will be made up of 600 RGB pixel nodes.  These nodes are similar to what is used on the changing signs you see on the highway nowadays. There are so many possibilities with the RGB pixels it is mind boggling!  Each pixel is capable of producing thousands of different colors.  Add that with available tools to help with programming, and what you have is one amazing looking prop!  We were running nearly 300 channels last year, this year there will be more than 2,000!  Many more LED’s have been added this year, which brings us to over 60% LED.

Setup is scheduled to begin in less than a month, with the official turn on scheduled for Sunday, November 25 (though I’m hoping it will be earlier).

There are a couple of other surprises planned for this year, so keep checking back to see what’s on the horizon.

Show has been running

The show’s been running fine for a few days now, traffic hasn’t been anything significant, but it rarely is the first week.  One of our local TV stations has scheduled a visit for this weekend which I’m sure is going to have a significant impact on cars coming in and going out of the neighborhood!

The biggest pain…


By far the one thing that is most difficult throughout the entire process is keeping up with the leaves. 

Here’s a shot of the yard immediately after blowing the yard and bagging about 6 bags of leaves. 

Not much point in trying to get them all as the oak tree starts dropping them again as quick as we can pick them up. 

Will take another pic tomorrow before picking them up again.

Another rainy day!

Unbelievable.  Cindy takes off Wednesday through Friday and for the second year in a row it has rained the first two days.  I still have plenty to do, but there’s only so much I have for her since we have checked all the outside lights already.

I did get a couple of songs sequenced and we got all the lights on the Mega tree.  When we hoisted the lights up the pole however, it was swaying pretty badly.  Took a trip to home depot and worked out a better way to hook up the guy wires. 

Super strings


What better way to spend a rainy day then making super strings.  A super string is actually 4 light strings (red, green, blue and white) tied together with wire ties (wanna guess how many wire ties we use every year?).

Super strings (as opposed to Mega strings) are all LED bulbs.  I chose not to use 4 colors early on because in my experience blue lights didn’t last long.  LED’s on the other hand not only don’t have a fading problem, their colors are actually quite intense. 

The Mega tree this year is made up of nearly 5000 LEDs and is controlled by 32 light-o-rama channels.

This is a shot of a super string mid-way in the construction process.